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Mike & Sandy Messer ImageMike and Sandy Messer together have more than 30 years in the senior care business. In the early '90s, Mike became a Certified Nursing Assistant and began providing seniors care in their homes. In 1998, he opened his first assisted living home in the Mesa/Gilbert area, running this facility for 11 years. During this time, Mike realized how difficult it was for many people to find the ideal home. Seeing a need, he filled it by beginning a placement service to help seniors and their families discover assisted living options.

Sandy Messer has a background in accounting and marketing. Her company, Long Term Assurance, helps veterans and their spouses apply and qualify for Aide and Attendance Benefits (a pension that helps pay for long-term care). Sandy's financial planning expertise meshed well with Mike's placement service clients' needs.

While operating his placement service, Mike toured over 1,000 assisted living homes with hundreds of families. During this time, Mike became familiar with East Shea Assisted Living, and the opportunity to purchase the home from Maria and Vio Bilauca, a respected couple ready to retire after 30 years in the assisted living business. This home offered all of the comfort, beauty, and safety Mike wanted in a group home. In addition, its Scottsdale location, just minutes away from the Mayo Clinic, was the perfect environment. Instead of waiting around for Opportunity to knock a second time, Mike purchased the property with his wife Sandy.

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At East Shea Assisted Living, we rely on our amazing team of dedicated caregivers to ensure each of our guests receives the care they deserve.


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