What Should I Bring When I Move into an Arizona Assisted Living Community?

Transitioning into an assisted living community can be an intimidating task. It’s a big change for anyone, especially those who have lived in their current home for years. Once you have found the best senior accommodations, you must begin the moving phase. This usually includes downsizing and choosing which items to pack and which to leave behind.

The key is making sure you don’t overpack, but also don’t overlook the necessities and some extras to make the new place feel like home. What should you take when moving into an Arizona assisted living community?

  • Household Appliances That Aren’t Provided

Find out which appliances are provided and make sure you bring anything that isn’t already there. For example, you may need to pack your coffee maker, microwave, or mini fridge if you use any of those items regularly.

Chances are large appliances will already be provided. Some may also include smaller items like the ones listed above. Double-check so you don’t bring anything that you don’t need or miss something that you do.

  • TV, Radio, and Entertainment Electronics

You’ll still need entertainment, so plan to bring your TV, radio, or any other electronic devices you use like a computer, turntable, DVD player, or Blu-ray player. Make sure you check for outlet space so you know where you can set up your devices.

You should also ask about cable TV and/or internet connection availability. This may be useful when using smart TVs or similar devices.

  • Cleaning Supplies That Are Easy to Use

East Shea Assisted Living handles all the cleaning for you. We will keep your living space nice and tidy, however, it is helpful to have some basic supplies on hand. This can include things that are easy to use like paper towels and wet wipes to quickly pick up spills on clothing or furniture.

  • Your Clothing for Day and Night

Pack all the clothing that you plan to wear. This should include items to put on during the day as well as comfortable pajamas, robe, and slippers. Don’t forget your socks and shoes as well as appropriate outdoor attire. Each resident should have a warm coat as well as a light jacket.

You can also bring along formal outfits to wear on special occasions. On-site events and off-site trips may call for dressy attire.

This is a good opportunity to clean out closets and get rid of anything that doesn’t fit or that you don’t wear.

  • Medications and Toiletries

Create a list of prescriptions and over-the-counter medications that you use. Talk to the facility to find out if they will be providing medication management. That way, you know what your responsibility will be and whether you need to keep anything on hand.

You’ll also need your toiletries like soap, shampoo, lotion, razor, makeup, toothpaste, and toothbrush.

  • Home Furnishings That Will Fit

You may be able to bring some of your home furnishings. It is best to stick with smaller items like a chair, end table, or nightstand. These can add a personal touch and make your new accommodations feel like home.

Find out how much room there will be inside your living space. Private rooms at East Shea Assisted Living can be decorated by staff or you and your loved ones can come in and decorate instead. Make sure you communicate your wishes to staff before moving in so everything is ready.

  • Folding Chairs for Visitors

Having a few folding chairs tucked away can be helpful when visitors stop by. Portable seating is lightweight and compact, which makes it an ideal choice for this type of setting. You can easily hide them in a closet or behind a piece of furniture when not in use.

The extra chairs allow you to easily expand your entertaining space without bulky furniture. Your visitors will feel comfortable when everyone can sit and chat just like you used to do at home.

  • Bedding and Throw Pillows

Bring your bedding and throw pillows so you can rest comfortably and dress up your room. That should include sheets and pillowcases as well as any extra blankets you may need to stay warm.

Throw pillows add a splash of color and texture that can be very pleasing to the eye. Most facilities have on-site laundry service, so you shouldn’t have trouble keeping your bedding clean.

  • Lamps and Nightlights

Your room will likely have light fixtures already installed. These brighten the space but aren’t always the most accommodating.

Bringing along a lamp or two will allow you to create the best level of lighting based on your needs. If you like to read, arrange a chair and lamp where you can sit down with a good book. Or add a bright light to a table to engage in hands-on crafts or hobbies.

Night lights are also appealing because they can make your area safer. It’s easier to navigate if you wake up after dark to use the restroom or grab a glass of water if the night light is on.

  • Framed Photos, Art, and Keepsakes

Decorations are a big part of what makes a house look like a home. Pick out your favorite pieces and bring them along. This can include fine art, framed photographs, and other keepsakes.

If you have collectibles or small objects like figurines, you can install a shelf to display them. This is a great way to make them visible without taking up table space. Ask your facility about adding a shelf or two or talk to a loved one to help.

  • Kitchenware for Daily Use

You should plan to at least bring basic kitchenware with you. This can include things like cutlery, dishes, and glasses or cups. These items will allow you to prepare light meals, get a beverage, or cook dishes.

Some or all meals may be provided by your facility. If that is the case, you should still plan to have at least some kitchenware on hand for basic tasks.

Make a list of necessities before you begin packing. This will serve as a guide as you go through your belongings and make choices about what stays and what goes. The lighter you pack, the easier it will be to move.

This is also a good time to unload items from your home, even if you aren’t selling it right away. Give items to loved ones to keep, donate what you don’t need, or sell off things to make a little extra cash. It is much easier for you and less stressful for your loved ones when there are fewer things to deal with at home.

If you have questions about moving into an assisted living community, let us know. East Shea Assisted Living offers full-service care with all the amenities seniors need. Live luxuriously with social events, activities, and more in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona!

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