East Shea Assisted Living Home in Scottsdale, AZ.

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  • David's birthday party

Senior Care Home Located in the Beautiful Area of East Scottsdale, Arizona

East Shea Assisted Living is a care facility in Scottsdale, Arizona, with private accommodations, each with its own bathroom, for 10 residents. This beautiful 5,000 square foot home employs state-certified caregivers 24/7 and offers myriad services, including home-cooked meals and snacks, visiting physicians, barber and cosmetology services, laundry services, and a wide variety of entertainment options, including bingo, live music, and games. Staff administers medications, insulin injections, and more.

At East Shea Assisted Living, we have more than 20 years’ experience providing quality care. Our number one goal is providing safe, loving care in a warm environment. To achieve that, we listen and respond to the needs of each resident, providing one-on-one assistance as required.

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